About Us

The Log Home Builders Association was founded by Skip Ellsworth in 1965. Since then we have taught tens of thousands of members from around the United States how to build a log home. Many of those students have gone on to build their own log home, many without a mortgage.

Skip built hundreds of log homes in his lifetime, including his own 7,000+ square foot masterpiece in the Pacific northwest. That home was later used in the filming of the television show "Northern Exposure" as the house of Maurice the retired astronaut.

In his later years Skip retired to the Philippines, built a resort and started a medical charity mission that is still in operation today. Skip died in 2008 and the LHBA is now being run by his son Ellsworth, along with Skip's brother-in-law Steve. The LHBA and all of its operations are dedicated to his memory.

You can email us via [email protected] or call 440-360-0653.